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Mayor Eric Adams embarks on second visit to southern border

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Mayor Eric Adams declared his intention to visit the southern border, marking his second trip to the region. Scheduled as a one-day excursion, Adams articulated his plans, stating, “We’re going down and going to come back Monday.”

Commencing from Saturday night, Mayor Adams will be stationed at the U.S.-Mexico border, reminiscent of his inaugural visit in January 2023. During his prior trip, Adams journeyed to El Paso to collaborate with fellow mayors nationwide in formulating strategies to address the surge of migrants. Reflecting on the motivation behind his initial visit, Adams remarked, “After seeing those 3,100 come to our city, I knew it was time for me not to try to handle this problem from the city, but to come and to interact with the mayors across the country. This has fallen on our cities.”

Details regarding Adams’ itinerary remain undisclosed, including the identities of his scheduled meetings, the nature of invitations extended to him, and specific destinations along his route. Despite the lack of comprehensive information, Adams conveyed his purpose for the trip, emphasizing New York City’s stance on the migrant crisis. “We should be really pleased as New Yorkers. I know this is difficult, this is challenging for all of us, but we stepped up,” Adams affirmed. “History is going to be kind on New York.”

With over 184,000 migrants having sought refuge in New York, and approximately 64,000 still under the city’s care, Adams has tirelessly advocated for federal assistance. Despite embarking on numerous visits to Washington, D.C., engaging with White House officials and congressional leaders, tangible outcomes have been elusive. “180,000 people coming into our city, not the support we should be getting from the national government, like we deserve,” lamented Adams.

Notably, Adams’ commitment extends beyond domestic borders, as evidenced by his journey to Latin America in October. Venturing through Mexico, Ecuador, and Colombia, Adams engaged with regional leaders and personally observed migrants traversing the perilous Darien Gap. An ardent advocate, Adams invoked a religious parallel while addressing the city’s response to the crisis, asserting, “When people look back on this moment, they are going to realize we were not only good worshippers but good practitioners.”

Mayor Adams is anticipated to return to New York City on Monday, following his brief yet significant excursion to the southern border.

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