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Man in DOC custody dies at hospital, officials say

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A person under the jurisdiction of the Department of Correction passed away at Bellevue Hospital on Friday evening, as confirmed by department officials on Saturday. The deceased has been identified as 51-year-old Roy Savage, who had been receiving medical treatment at the hospital since entering DOC custody on November 30, 2023. His incarceration followed an appeal for a murder conviction dating back to 2018, according to statements from the DOC.

In response to the tragic event, DOC Commissioner Lynelle Maginley-Liddie expressed condolences to the family and loved ones of Roy Savage on behalf of the New York City Department of Correction. The commissioner’s statement underscores the department’s recognition of the loss experienced by those affected by Mr. Savage’s passing.

The death of Roy Savage marks the third such occurrence within DOC custody thus far in 2024, according to departmental records. Manuel Luna, aged 30, was discovered unresponsive in his cell on Rikers Island by correctional staff on January 19, subsequently pronounced deceased. Similarly, Chima Williams, aged 43, tragically passed away after collapsing while engaged in a basketball activity with fellow inmates at Rikers on January 4, as reported by the DOC.

The series of deaths within DOC custody in 2024 underscores ongoing concerns regarding inmate welfare and healthcare provision within correctional facilities. These incidents prompt a closer examination of protocols and procedures governing medical care and supervision of individuals under the jurisdiction of the Department of Correction.

As investigations into the circumstances surrounding Roy Savage’s passing continue, there is an increased focus on transparency and accountability within the DOC. The outcomes of these inquiries are anticipated to shed further light on the events leading to the recent fatalities and inform efforts to enhance safety and well-being measures for individuals in correctional settings.

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