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Francis Scott key bridge collapses after collision with cargo ship

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In the early hours of Tuesday morning, chaos ensued as the Francis Scott Key Bridge, a crucial link in East Coast shipping infrastructure, succumbed to a devastating collapse following a collision with a large cargo vessel.

The catastrophic incident triggered a massive emergency response effort as authorities scrambled to rescue at least seven individuals plunged into the frigid waters below.

The Baltimore City Fire Department swiftly labeled the event as a mass-casualty incident, indicating the severity of the situation.

Kevin Cartwright, the director of communications for the Baltimore Fire Department, disclosed to Reuters that multiple frantic 911 calls flooded in around 1:30 a.m., reporting the collision and subsequent collapse of the Key Bridge.

Watch the moment the bridge collapsed

“This is currently a mass casualty incident, and we are searching for seven people who are in the river,” Cartwright stated, underlining the urgency of the rescue mission.

During a press conference addressing the calamity, James Wallace, the chief of the Baltimore City Fire Department, revealed the harrowing details of the ongoing rescue efforts.

Two individuals have been successfully plucked from the treacherous waters; one emerged unscathed, while the other clings to life in critical condition. However, the fate of the remaining seven individuals believed to be submerged in the river hangs in limbo, with Wallace cautioning that the count is “subject to change” as the situation evolves.

As dawn breaks over the ravaged bridge and emergency responders continue their valiant efforts, the toll of this tragic maritime mishap reverberates across the East Coast, underscoring the fragility of vital infrastructure and the inherent risks of maritime navigation.

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