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Eric Adams joins “Fatherless No More” team at Rikers Island for inspirational baptism ceremony

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In a heartwarming display of community engagement, Mayor Eric Adams of New York City stood alongside the “Fatherless No More” team at Rikers Island this morning to participate in the baptisms of several young men.

The event, marking a pivotal moment in the lives of these individuals, underscored the importance of faith and support in guiding individuals towards a brighter future.

Mayor Adams, known for his dedication to addressing social issues and fostering positive change, expressed his pride in being part of the ceremony, emphasizing the significance of offering hope and second chances to those who have faced adversity.

“Sometimes it takes faith to get back on the right track,” Mayor Adams remarked, reflecting on the transformative power of belief and community involvement. “I am proud to help them mark a new beginning.”

The “Fatherless No More” initiative, dedicated to providing mentorship and guidance to young men who may lack paternal support, has been instrumental in offering a support system for individuals navigating challenging circumstances.

By extending a hand of compassion and understanding, the program seeks to empower participants and equip them with the tools needed to thrive.

“These are all our children, and we cannot leave them behind,” Mayor Adams affirmed, echoing the sentiment of collective responsibility in nurturing the potential of every individual within the community.

The ceremony at Rikers Island served as a poignant reminder of the resilience and determination exhibited by those who are committed to overcoming obstacles and forging a path towards redemption.

As the young men embarked on this symbolic journey of spiritual renewal, they were enveloped in a sense of solidarity and encouragement, buoyed by the unwavering support of Mayor Eric Adams and the “Fatherless No More” team.

In a city often characterized by its bustling pace and relentless activity, moments of compassion and empathy such as this offer a glimpse into the power of unity and compassion in fostering positive change.

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