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Harlem man shoved onto subway tracks in calculated attack

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In a harrowing incident that sent shockwaves through Harlem, 24-year-old Carlton McPherson allegedly executed a calculated attack, shoving an unsuspecting victim onto the subway tracks at the East 125th Street and Lexington Avenue station on Monday.

Eyewitnesses, including Andriel Recio, 28, recounted the chilling moments that unfolded as McPherson allegedly timed his assault with precision.

Recio, one of the witnesses to the disturbing incident, described McPherson’s actions as meticulous, stating, “He like timed it perfectly.” Recio elaborated, detailing how McPherson roamed the platform, seemingly scoping out the area before swiftly pushing his victim onto the tracks just as the train approached.

“He just snuck behind the guy and just cocked back and pushed him with, like, all his might,” Recio recounted.

The victim, whose identity remains undisclosed, was propelled onto the tracks by the force of the shove, as Recio vividly recalled,

“The guy just like, flew onto the tracks.” Shockingly, McPherson showed no signs of remorse or hesitation, waiting merely minutes on the platform until the next train arrived, as recounted by witnesses and sources familiar with the case.

Recio further described McPherson’s demeanor, noting his apparent agitation and readiness for confrontation.

“He was visibly upset,” Recio stated, adding, “As if like, you know, how guys are about to fight. Like just holding his stance up and just scoping out the area just looking side to side.”

Tragically, the victim’s ordeal took a fatal turn when he was struck by the oncoming train, succumbing to the injuries inflicted in the heinous assault.

Recio reiterated the intensity of McPherson’s actions, recalling how he “cocked back and pushed him with all his might.”

According to records, McPherson’s past includes a troubling history, with eight arrests on his record, four of which were later sealed, raising questions about his motives and mental state leading up to the appalling incident.

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