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Spate of knifepoint robberies plague Central Park

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Central Park has become the backdrop for a series of brazen robberies, with the latest incident occurring Wednesday night, marking the second knifepoint robbery within a span of 20 hours.

The victim, a 38-year-old man whose identity remains undisclosed, was commuting home on his e-bike through Central Park along East Drive, heading north near East 77th Street.

At approximately 8:30 p.m., his routine ride turned into a nightmare as a group of eight assailants ambushed him.

According to eyewitness accounts, the victim found himself surrounded by the group, who swiftly closed in on him. One of the assailants brandished a menacing knife, coercing the victim to comply with their demands. With little room for resistance, the victim was forcibly pushed to the ground as the armed perpetrator seized control.

In a matter of moments, the perpetrators made off with the victim’s prized possessions – a high-value e-bike worth $1,200 and a smartphone valuing $1,300, which was securely fastened to the bike’s handlebars.

The victim, left shaken and physically unharmed but emotionally traumatized, was left to recount the harrowing experience to law enforcement officials.

This incident comes hot on the heels of another knifepoint robbery, which unfolded merely 10 blocks south earlier on the same day. The unsettling frequency of such violent crimes has sparked concerns among residents and authorities alike, prompting intensified patrols and security measures within Central Park.

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