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Bystander thwarts assault on NYC subway, repeat offender apprehended

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In a harrowing incident aboard a downtown No. 1 train in New York City, a 37-year-old man with a history of 16 prior arrests instigated a violent confrontation, only to be thwarted by the courageous intervention of a 50-year-old bystander.

Diego Morales, the assailant in question, boarded the train at the 137th Street-City College station around 2 p.m. on Saturday, where he immediately targeted two women already inside, pulling one of them by the hair.

Witnessing the distressing scene, the 50-year-old bystander, whose identity remains undisclosed, stepped forward to intervene, urging Morales to cease his assault. Despite the warning, Morales persisted, later directing threats of physical harm towards the intervening bystander in Spanish, ominously declaring, “Yo te corto ahora,” translating to “I cut you now.”

Undeterred by the assailant’s menacing demeanor, the courageous individual patiently awaited an opportune moment. As the train made a stop at the 103rd Street station and the doors slid open, the bystander seized the moment, swiftly shoving Morales out of the car, causing him to tumble and sustain injuries to his face upon impact with the ground.

Taking swift action, fellow passengers assisted in detaining Morales until law enforcement arrived at the scene. Subsequently, he was placed under arrest and charged with menacing and criminal possession of a weapon.

The arrest underscores Morales’ extensive history of criminal behavior, indicating a pattern of recurrent threats to public safety. Moreover, speculation arises regarding Morales’ immigration status, with suggestions that he may be an undocumented immigrant, further exacerbating concerns regarding his continued presence within the community.

The heroic intervention of the unnamed bystander highlights the importance of collective vigilance and swift action in ensuring the safety of individuals within public spaces.

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