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Illegal alien squatters from Venezuela arrested in Bronx on gun, drug charges

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In a recent development, four illegal alien squatters hailing from Venezuela, who were apprehended at a Bronx residence on charges related to firearms and narcotics, have reportedly evaded their processing appointments with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) after being released into the United States.

These individuals came into the spotlight after being detained by the US Border Patrol in Texas between September 2022 and May 2023. However, due to overcrowding at processing facilities, they were subsequently released.

According to immigration protocols, migrants are expected to attend check-in appointments, where they are required to file claims, such as asylum applications, and provide information about their whereabouts to immigration officials for supervision purposes.

Meanwhile, among the eight squatters identified in the Bronx, one individual was apprehended in Texas in October 2022 and was slated for deportation. Despite a court ruling for removal in March, the 35-year-old was later released from the Stewart County Detention Center with an order to report to authorities in New York City.

Shockingly, upon arriving in New York City, this individual failed to appear for their scheduled ICE appointment, echoing the actions of the four aforementioned squatters.

Highlighting further concerns, three out of the total eight squatters had prior encounters with law enforcement during their brief stay in the US, with charges ranging from attempted murder to various theft and weapon-related offenses.

In response to the recent arrests, Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) in New York City emphasized their awareness of the situation and confirmed targeted law enforcement actions resulting in the apprehension of three individuals deemed removable. Additionally, ICE detainers were issued for four other noncitizens currently in local custody.

Despite these efforts, only one of the eight individuals remains at large following their release by a Bronx judge, raising questions about the efficacy of the immigration enforcement system in managing such cases effectively.

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