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Rep. Boebert’s boozy fiasco with Trump exposed

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In a scathing report that has left tongues wagging, CNN’s morning panel has turned the spotlight on controversial Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, shedding light on a recent humiliating episode involving the MAGA figurehead and former President Donald Trump.

The uproar unfolded during a December gala event in New York City, where Boebert found herself in the throes of embarrassment after allegedly overindulging in alcohol, prompting event staff to cut her off, according to CNN correspondent Melania Zanaon.

During the televised segment, Zanaon detailed how Boebert’s persistent attempts to snap photos with Trump were thwarted by the ex-president’s security detail, all while the This Morning panel erupted in fits of laughter.

Host Kasie Hunt, clearly taken aback by the audacious turn of events, summarized the debacle, remarking, “So just to be clear, basically she went to a fundraiser in New York City with Donald Trump, got so drunk they had to cut her off, and then tried to take repeated pictures with Trump, and then they had to tell her, ‘Hey lady, tone it down.'”

Zanaon didn’t mince words either, referencing Boebert’s previous scandal at a Denver theater, where she was ejected for vaping and causing a disturbance during a Beetlejuice performance. The incident has since become fodder for public scrutiny, showcasing what some view as a pattern of alarming behavior.

The CNN panel’s frank discussion has ignited fresh debate over Boebert’s political future, with questions arising about her viability in the upcoming primary elections despite Trump’s endorsement. Hunt, with a wry smile, hinted at Boebert’s ongoing controversies, including past allegations of inappropriate behavior.

“At this point, there’s not much more that Boebert can do to disgrace her constituents. It’s time for her to resign in disgrace and go sort out her personal life,” Hunt asserted, encapsulating the prevailing sentiment surrounding Boebert’s tenure in Congress.

As the fallout continues to unfold, Boebert’s political standing hangs in the balance, with the CNN report amplifying calls for accountability amid a tumultuous period for the embattled congresswoman.

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