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Man arrested at Long Island Airport for attempt to board plane with loaded handgun

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In a startling incident at Long Island MacArthur Airport, a traveler from Sayville was apprehended by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officials on Sunday as he attempted to bring a loaded handgun onto a flight.

The TSA promptly notified Suffolk County police, who collaborated with airport authorities to manage the situation.

According to TSA guidelines, firearms and other weapons are strictly prohibited in carry-on luggage and can only be transported in checked baggage if they are unloaded and securely stored in a hard-sided locked case.

Additionally, such items must be declared at the airline check-in counter in adherence to regulations.

Although the passenger’s identity remains undisclosed, he is now facing potential civil fines amounting to as much as $15,000. Upon intervention by law enforcement, the individual was allowed to return the firearm to his vehicle before proceeding with his travel plans.

This incident underscores a prevalent issue at airports across the nation. In the previous year alone, a staggering 6,735 firearms were intercepted at security checkpoints nationwide, with a concerning 93% found to be loaded.

At MacArthur Airport specifically, the TSA reported seizing two firearms in the past year, a notable increase compared to the absence of incidents from 2020 to 2022, and three seizures combined from 2018 through 2019.

The TSA’s steadfast efforts in screening and ensuring passenger safety continue to be crucial amidst a backdrop of evolving security threats. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of adhering to airline regulations and TSA guidelines to uphold the safety and security of air travel for all passengers.

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