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Mayor Eric Adams weighs in on crime deterrence

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In the midst of ongoing budget negotiations for New York State’s multi-billion-dollar budget, Mayor Eric Adams has recently sparked a debate on the effectiveness of raising penalties to deter crime.

This discussion has arisen at a critical juncture, with lawmakers striving to finalize the budget, already delayed.

The debate over crime deterrence surfaced prominently as Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie made a decisive statement on March 26, expressing skepticism about the efficacy of escalating penalties as a crime deterrent.

Heastie, a prominent figure representing the Bronx as a Democrat, voiced his belief that increasing penalties does not effectively discourage criminal behavior.

Assembly Speaker Heastie’s stance is particularly significant given his pivotal role in the budget negotiations. He holds considerable sway over which policies will ultimately be included or omitted from the state budget. Notably, Heastie has not endorsed proposals to enhance penalties for individuals who assault retail workers.

This debate underscores broader concerns about the nature of crime prevention strategies and their alignment with budgetary priorities.

Mayor Adams’ entry into this discourse injects a new perspective into the deliberations surrounding crime policy, at a time when state leaders are grappling with the allocation of substantial funds and the formulation of legislative measures aimed at addressing public safety.

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