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Eric Adams, Ydanis Rodriguez launch LockerNYC to combat package theft

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In a bid to tackle the rising menace of package theft across New York City, Mayor Eric Adams and DOT Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez unveiled LockerNYC, a groundbreaking pilot initiative aimed at revolutionizing package deliveries and reducing theft incidents.

The program, introduced today, incorporates strategically located lockers placed on public sidewalks across various boroughs, offering New Yorkers a secure option to receive packages. With staggering statistics revealing that 90,000 packages are reported stolen or lost daily in NYC due to insufficient secure areas, the demand for such innovative measures is dire.

LockerNYC is starting with seven units, each capable of safely accommodating up to 25 packages at a time, with plans to expand further this year. The service will be accessible to the public and will collaborate with multiple delivery carriers, providing residents the flexibility to sign up online and manage their orders free of charge.

Mayor Adams emphasized the multifaceted benefits of LockerNYC, stating, “We are taking on porch pirates and cutting down on emissions by unwrapping LockerNYC, our pilot program that will combat package theft and reduce delivery truck traffic in our city.”

This initiative aligns with broader plans to rethink how goods and services are delivered in NYC, including the establishment of the Department of Sustainable Delivery announced in this year’s State of the City address.

Deputy Mayor for Operations Meera Joshi echoed this sentiment, highlighting the city’s holistic approach toward sustainable solutions for modern challenges, such as utilizing delivery lockers and microhubs to reduce environmental impact.

Commissioner Rodriguez emphasized the city’s commitment to leading the way in green and secure deliveries, aiming to mitigate package thefts and alleviate street congestion caused by delivery vehicles.

LockerNYC lockers have been strategically deployed across select neighborhoods, including Bedford-Stuyvesant, Canarsie, East Flatbush, Prospect Lefferts Gardens, and Sunnyside, with additional locations planned for Bushwick and Hell’s Kitchen.

The sites were carefully chosen based on criteria such as land use, building density, package theft data, and pedestrian flow. Each locker location is equipped with security cameras, LED lighting, and anti-theft mechanisms on compartments, ensuring the safety and security of packages.

Assemblymember Rodneyse Bichotte Hermelyn commended the initiative, stressing its significance in safeguarding communities against theft while also contributing to reduced traffic congestion and a cleaner environment.

Assemblymember Jenifer Rajkumar underscored the importance of LockerNYC in combating package theft, particularly in light of increased online shopping during the pandemic. She praised Mayor Adams’ vision for leveraging technology to enhance the efficiency of last-mile delivery services.

The LockerNYC pilot will run for a year, with DOT collecting anonymized usage data to assess its effectiveness and potential expansion. Similar programs in other cities have yielded significant reductions in delivery vehicle travel distances, dwell times, failed deliveries, emissions, and congestion.

LockerNYC represents a pivotal step in NYC’s quest for safer, more efficient delivery methods, promising New Yorkers secure and convenient package deliveries while championing sustainability and innovation in urban logistics.

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