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McCarthy accuses Gaetz of undermining speakership

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Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy publicly denounced Congressman Matt Gaetz during a fiery speech at Georgetown University, accusing Gaetz of orchestrating his ouster from the Speakership to halt an ethics investigation into alleged sexual misconduct with a minor.

McCarthy’s remarks shed light on a bitter feud within the GOP, drawing attention to serious allegations against Gaetz.

McCarthy’s revelations came during a candid moment at Georgetown University, where he recounted losing his Speakership due to pressures related to an ethics complaint.

He bluntly implicated Gaetz, stating, “I lost my Speakership because one person wanted me to stop an ethics complaint because he slept with a 17-year-old.”

The former Speaker’s accusations signal a significant escalation in the ongoing conflict between McCarthy and Gaetz. McCarthy’s statements strongly suggest his belief in the accusations of underage sex trafficking against Gaetz, a congressman from Florida.

During his address, McCarthy stopped short of confirming Gaetz’s guilt, stating, “Did he do it? I don’t know.”

In response to McCarthy’s claims, Gaetz dismissed them as falsehoods. In a statement to Politico, Gaetz called McCarthy a liar and attributed his removal from the Speakership to a lack of trust among his peers.

The accusations and counterclaims have thrust Gaetz into the spotlight once again, intensifying speculation and scrutiny over the serious allegations against him.

The public dispute between McCarthy and Gaetz underscores deep divisions within the Republican Party and raises questions about the future of Gaetz’s political career amidst ongoing investigations and controversies.

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