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Stormy Daniels fires back at Trump supporters with Witty Jab ahead of hush money trial

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In a prelude to former President Donald Trump’s impending criminal trial over hush money payments, adult film star Stormy Daniels delivered a scorching response to Trump supporters who attempted to disparage her online. The exchange, marked by Daniels’ sharp wit, drew attention amidst Trump’s legal and financial challenges.

Trump loyalists took to social media to criticize Daniels, with one individual branding her as a “parasite” willing to sell anything for profit. However, Daniels swiftly countered, “Not true. I wouldn’t sell Bibles,” a pointed jab at Trump’s controversial marketing of $60 MAGA Bibles—a move perceived by critics as a means to bolster his ailing finances.

The timing of Daniels’ rejoinder, occurring on the eve of Trump’s hush money trial, underscored the ongoing legal pressures facing the former president. Trump faces mounting legal fees, compounded by efforts to sustain his political aspirations amidst financial uncertainties stemming from his New York fraud trial.

Daniels’ clever response resonated online, highlighting the interplay between Trump’s legal entanglements and the enduring public scrutiny surrounding his past actions. The exchange underscored a broader narrative of accountability and public discourse as Trump’s legal battles intensify.

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