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Jackson Heights in crisis as illegal migrant market, open prostitution plague Queens neighborhood

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A stretch of Jackson Heights has transformed into an illicit hub of activity, with a rampant illegal migrant market and open prostitution plaguing the area.

Roosevelt Avenue near 91st Street has become the epicenter of this growing problem, Parkchester Times learnt.

Daily scenes unfold on Roosevelt Avenue where migrant vendors openly sell stolen goods just steps away from the rightful shopkeepers. The situation has escalated to the point where these vendors brazenly display their illicit wares on sidewalks, laid out on blankets or towels, with merchandise ranging from mouthwash to baby formula at steep discounts.

The stolen goods are not only visible but also stored in suitcases within vans parked nearby, ready to be brought out for display each morning. Shockingly, one vendor was observed wheeling stolen items in a Target shopping cart, highlighting the audacity of the criminal activity.

Meanwhile, the problem extends beyond stolen merchandise, as open-air prostitution has persisted in the area for months. Referred to as the “Market of Sweethearts,” this seedy trade operates both on the street and inside walk-up buildings that now function as brothels.

Local residents and merchants express frustration and helplessness in the face of these escalating issues. Business owners like O’Porta from Long Island City have reported catching numerous individuals engaging in theft. O’Porta highlighted the organized nature of these criminal activities, with lookouts positioned to warn vendors of approaching law enforcement.

“This is hurting business,” lamented O’Porta, echoing the sentiments of many local retailers who are struggling to cope with the brazen theft and illicit markets that have taken root in the heart of Jackson Heights.

Authorities and community leaders are under increasing pressure to address these concerns and restore safety and order to a neighborhood grappling with the consequences of unchecked criminal activity.

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