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Woman out on bail evades court, faces attempted murder charges in Philadelphia stabbing spree

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Takeira Hester, 28, previously out on bail for an assault case in New York, has found herself in deeper legal trouble after missing a court hearing and allegedly committing a series of violent stabbings in Philadelphia.

The unsettling chain of events began on April 11 when Hester failed to appear for her scheduled court date in Manhattan related to charges stemming from a 2022 assault case. She stands accused of stabbing a 31-year-old man who intervened in a fight between Hester and another woman aboard a lower Manhattan train.

Following her disappearance from court, Hester surfaced in Philadelphia, where she is now facing new charges of attempted murder. The Philadelphia Police Department reported that on April 13, Hester carried out a chilling spree of stabbings.

The morning saw Hester allegedly attacking a 24-year-old woman randomly on a street in Center City, stabbing her in the chest and hand. A few hours later, around noon, she brazenly approached a 1-year-old boy in a stroller, stabbing him while in the presence of his parents on South 18th Street.

In both assaults, witnesses described Hester wielding a “long knife.” Authorities managed to apprehend her hours later on North 63rd Street in Philadelphia. Fortunately, the victims of these heinous acts were hospitalized and reported to be in stable condition.

The escalation of Hester’s violent behavior has raised concerns, particularly given her earlier criminal history. Her initial arrest in New York occurred after she allegedly attacked a man who intervened during a fight on a southbound No. 4 train, resulting in serious injuries to the victim.

During her arraignment in Manhattan, Hester was ordered to post a substantial bond, which she eventually met to secure her release. Prosecutors had sought a higher bond, reflecting the seriousness of the charges against her.

The recent incidents in Philadelphia have heightened the urgency of law enforcement efforts to address Hester’s pattern of violence and the potential threat she poses to public safety.

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