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NYC offers free training to 17,000 workers duped by Valor Consulting, urges swift reskilling

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In response to the invalidation of over 17,000 construction workers’ Site Safety Training (SST) cards due to a scandal involving Valor Consulting, the NYC Department of Small Businesses Services (SBS) and the Department of Buildings (DOB) are swiftly stepping in to offer no-cost training programs to affected individuals. This move aims to reequip workers with essential safety credentials, ensuring compliance and safety on construction sites across New York City.

The DOB’s action was prompted by an indictment against Valor Consulting’s executives, who allegedly distributed SST cards without providing the required safety training. Consequently, workers possessing these invalidated cards are barred from larger construction projects until they acquire new, legitimate SST cards from DOB-approved providers.

SBS Commissioner Kevin D. Kim emphasized the urgency of this situation, urging impacted workers to enroll in SBS’s Workforce1 program promptly. Commissioner Kim underscored the city’s commitment to aiding “honest New Yorkers” impacted by Valor Consulting’s actions, stressing the need to restore employment opportunities swiftly.

In agreement, DOB Commissioner Jimmy Oddo condemned Valor Consulting’s profit-driven negligence, emphasizing the inherent risks posed by untrained workers on complex job sites. Oddo lauded SBS’s initiative in providing life-saving SST training at no cost, calling upon affected workers to seize this opportunity.

The Construction Site Safety Training Program offered through SBS Workforce1 Career Centers aims to equip workers with the essential 40 hours of safety training required for intricate construction projects. This includes 30 hours of OSHA safety training and 10 specialized SST training hours. Workers can initially obtain a Temporary SST card after completing 10 hours of safety training, valid for six months, during which they must complete the remaining 30 hours to obtain a full SST card valid for five years.

The SBS Workforce1 program operates across all five boroughs, offering training in multiple languages to ensure accessibility. Interested individuals can reach out to designated career centers or visit the SBS website for enrollment information.

Since 2019, SBS has spearheaded this initiative to promote equal access to site safety training, aligning with Local Law 196 (LL196) mandates. Those affected or interested in construction careers are encouraged to contact 311 or visit the SBS website for further details.

This collaborative effort between SBS and DOB underscores the city’s commitment to safeguarding worker welfare and upholding safety standards in the construction industry, ensuring that those affected by Valor Consulting’s misconduct have an opportunity to regain their credentials and resume work in compliance with city regulations.

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