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Open letter to Governor Kathy Hochul

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Dear Governor,

I am writing to express my deep concern regarding the recent actions of Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley, as documented in police bodycam footage during a traffic stop on April 22, 2024. The behavior exhibited by DA Doorley not only breaches the legal standards but also violates the ethical obligations of her office, undermining public trust in our legal system.

Knowingly Fleeing Police: The footage clearly shows that DA Doorley failed to stop her vehicle despite the activation of police lights and sirens, which indicates a willful attempt to avoid a law enforcement officer performing their duty.
Refusing to Comply with a Peace Officer: During the encounter, DA Doorley repeatedly refused to comply with the officer’s lawful commands, demonstrating a disregard for the laws she is sworn to uphold.
Misconduct by Calling the Precinct for Intervention: The most concerning action was her attempt to use her position to influence the outcome of the traffic stop by calling the police chief directly from the scene. This act of seeking preferential treatment is particularly unbecoming of her position.
Failure to Uphold the Duties of the Office of District Attorney: Collectively, these actions not only display individual lapses in judgment but also signify a failure to uphold the dignity and responsibility of the office of District Attorney. Such conduct threatens the integrity of our judicial system and erodes public confidence in our law enforcement processes.
Given these serious breaches, I urge you to exercise your constitutional authority to review and, if found necessary, remove DA Doorley from her position to preserve the honor and effectiveness of our judicial system.

I am making this letter public and sharing it with the community because I believe in transparent and accountable governance. Thank you for your attention to this grave matter.

Franklin Thomas Fomby, Jr.

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