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Parkchester South Condo owners gear up for annual meeting, in-person, virtual options available

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Parkchester South Condominium unit owners have announced the upcoming annual meeting scheduled for Wednesday, June 12, 2024, at 6:00 P.M.

This crucial gathering, mandated by state requirements, will convene to review financial statements, elect new board members, and address key community concerns.

According to the official notice issued by Parkchester South Condominium, the meeting will accommodate both in-person attendance and virtual participation via Zoom.

Outdoor seating will be set up at the North Ballfield (behind 2000 East Tremont) for those attending in person, ensuring a comfortable and socially distanced environment.

Unit owners interested in posing questions during the Q&A session are encouraged to submit them in writing for in-person attendance or via the Zoom chat for virtual participants. To facilitate voting for the Board of Directors, options include mail-in, telephone, or online methods.

Honest Ballot will distribute additional information and absentee/proxy ballots to all unit owners.

Detailed information about the candidates running for the Board of Directors can be found on the Parkchester South Condominium website (www.parkchestersouth.com).

The website also provides links to access the Zoom meeting and other essential resources related to the Annual Meeting.

For any account access issues or inquiries, owners are advised to contact emorgan@parkchestersouth.com for assistance.

This Annual Meeting is a vital opportunity for unit owners to participate in the governance and decision-making process of Parkchester South Condominium. The notice is issued by order of the Parkchester South Condominium, Inc., represented by Juan R. Torres, Board President.

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