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Police prevent Harlem mob from attacking man accused of slashing girl

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Chaos has erupted on the streets of Manhattan’s East Harlem as enraged locals attempted to seek justice against a man accused of violent assaults.

The suspect, alleged to have slashed an 11-year-old girl and assaulted a woman, was apprehended by police amidst a tense standoff with the community.

The harrowing sequence of events began around 2:15 p.m. near East 115th Street and Park Avenue, where the suspect reportedly punched a 43-year-old woman without warning. Shortly after this assault, he fled to the 116th Street 6 subway station, where he attacked the young girl and her mother on the downtown platform.

The girl sustained severe injuries to the back of her head and ear, leaving her visibly distressed and in need of immediate medical attention.

Eyewitnesses described the scene as chaotic, with one UPS worker recounting how the victim was “scared and crying” as emergency responders tended to her injuries near a nearby juice bar. Dramatic photographs obtained by The Post captured the aftermath, showing a blood-soaked victim being rushed into an ambulance, highlighting the severity of the situation.

Social media footage emerged depicting the moment when police confronted the alleged attacker, surrounded by an angry crowd seeking retribution. In the video, individuals from the community can be seen confronting the suspect, with one person attempting to strike him with a cane as officers worked to maintain control.

“Back up!” shouted police officers, struggling to keep the situation contained. Emotions ran high, with one individual shouting expletives at the suspect while others urged authorities not to release him.

Despite the tense confrontation, law enforcement eventually managed to detain the 30-year-old suspect, who reportedly has a significant criminal history with over 20 prior arrests. Charges were pending against him as the evening progressed, reflecting the severity of the offenses and the community’s demand for justice.

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