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Stormy Daniels testifies in fear, wears bulletproof vest amid concerns of MAGA violence

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The ongoing legal saga involving Stormy Daniels and former President Donald Trump took a chilling turn as Daniels’ attorney, Clark Brewster, disclosed harrowing details of the adult film star’s court appearance, revealing that she donned a bulletproof vest due to fears of violence from fervent Trump supporters.

During an interview on CNN, Brewster painted a distressing picture of Daniels’ state of mind leading up to her testimony in the hush money trial, highlighting profound concerns for her safety amid heightened tensions fueled by political fervor.

“She was concerned about the security coming into New York. She wore a bulletproof vest every day until she got to the courthouse,” Brewster disclosed, shedding light on the extreme measures taken to mitigate potential risks faced by Daniels.

The attorney further underscored the emotional toll on Daniels, describing how she grappled with overwhelming anxiety and trepidation prior to her court appearance.

“She cried herself to sleep,” Brewster revealed, emphasizing the profound fear instilled by the possibility of encountering violent reprisals from individuals aligned with the MAGA movement.

Daniels, known for her pivotal role in a scandal involving alleged hush money payments orchestrated by Trump’s camp, took precautionary measures by retaining her bulletproof vest until safely inside the courthouse, reflecting the severity of threats perceived by her legal team.

The revelations have ignited widespread condemnation and renewed discussions on the pervading climate of political animosity and its implications for public figures entangled in high-profile legal disputes. Brewster’s candid remarks underscored broader concerns surrounding the safety and security of individuals subjected to intense scrutiny within the current sociopolitical landscape.

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