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NYC: Eric Adams, Gov Hochul announce plan to revitalize Brooklyn waterfront, boost Staten Island port

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Mayor Eric Adams and Governor Kathy Hochul have announced a transformative plan to redevelop the Brooklyn Marine Terminal into a modern maritime hub and mixed-use community, coupled with strategic expansions at Staten Island’s Howland Hook Marine Terminal.

This initiative, backed by a $95 million investment from the City and State, aims to generate significant economic impact, create thousands of jobs, and reduce truck traffic through innovative freight strategies.

The Brooklyn Marine Terminal, encompassing 122 acres in Red Hook and the Columbia Street Waterfront District, is set for a major overhaul. The City will develop a state-of-the-art maritime port focused on sustainable freight solutions, including blue highways and micro-mobility strategies, which aim to reduce truck congestion in the five boroughs.

Mayor Adams emphasized the project’s potential, stating, “For 20 years, skeptics doubted this deal could be done, but we’re committed to creating thousands of jobs and billions in economic impact while building a vibrant, modern port.” This redevelopment aligns with his “Harbor of the Future” vision, announced in his State of the City address, aiming to transform New York City’s waterfront for 21st-century growth.

The initial $95 million investment includes $80 million for immediate stabilization and repair of key piers, and $15 million for a modern, electrified container crane. Governor Hochul announced an additional $15 million for a cold storage facility, addressing long-standing traffic and pollution issues from perishable goods transportation.

A community visioning process, led by a taskforce chaired by U.S. Representative Dan Goldman, alongside State Senator Andrew Gounardes and City Councilmember Alexa Avilés, will ensure that local stakeholders, businesses, and residents are integral to planning the waterfront’s future. Renowned urban design firm WXY will support this extensive engagement process.

The agreement also strengthens the Howland Hook Marine Terminal on Staten Island. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey will take full operational control, supporting long-term expansions and enhancements. Last year, global shipping company CMA CGM committed over $200 million to modernize Howland Hook, boosting its capacity by 50% and creating hundreds of jobs.

Rick Cotton, Executive Director of the Port Authority, highlighted the strategic importance, “By strengthening Howland Hook, we ensure the vitality of our ocean-going cargo container supply lines, supporting the region’s economic growth.”

The redevelopment of the Brooklyn Marine Terminal and expansion of Howland Hook are set to drive significant economic growth. The projects promise thousands of new jobs and substantial private investment. Moreover, the focus on sustainable freight solutions aims to mitigate environmental impacts, enhancing quality of life in surrounding neighborhoods.

Governor Hochul remarked, “This is a win for New York City, setting the stage for a modern maritime facility that meets community needs and supports economic growth.”

Deputy Mayor Maria Torres-Springer summed up the broader vision, “This historic deal is part of our mission to plan for the next century, accelerating job creation, innovation, and economic opportunity on our waterfront.”

As the City and Port Authority finalize agreements, this ambitious initiative marks a significant step towards a sustainable, economically vibrant future for New York City’s waterfront.

Local leaders and community members have expressed strong support for the initiative, recognizing its potential to revitalize the waterfront, create jobs, and improve environmental conditions.

Councilmember Alexa Avilés noted, “This project must include direct accountability, and I am committed to ensuring there is a public review process where the voices of Red Hook are heard.”

With federal grant applications submitted for further funding, New York City is poised to transform its waterfront, ensuring a resilient, prosperous future for all New Yorkers.

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