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Brooklyn’ Law enforcement seizes millions in illegal cannabis in Downtown Warehouse raid

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In a major crackdown on illegal cannabis operations, law enforcement officers in Brooklyn confiscated a massive haul of suspected unregulated cannabis worth millions of dollars.

The seizure occurred at a warehouse on Adelphi Street in Downtown Brooklyn, where investigators from the NYPD and the NYC Sheriff’s Office uncovered a large-scale distribution hub supplying illegal smoke shops across the city.

The joint team of investigators was initially responding to a burglary in progress on Friday night when they made several arrests inside the location. Upon further inspection, they discovered a vast warehouse filled with suspected cannabis products being shipped from overseas and packaged for distribution to illegal smoke shops throughout New York City.

The confiscated products included a variety of cannabis items commonly found in illegal smoke shops, indicating a significant connection between the warehouse operation and the illegal cannabis trade.

The exact value of the seized cannabis is still being calculated, but officials estimate it to be in the millions.

This successful raid marks a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to combat illegal cannabis operations in New York City.

The joint investigation and enforcement action demonstrate a strong commitment to disrupting the illegal cannabis supply chain and promoting public safety.

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