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Mayor Adams commemorates economic milestone with “City of Yes” zoning overhaul

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams, alongside New York City Department of City Planning (DCP) Director and City Planning Commission (CPC) Chair Dan Garodnick, announced the City Council’s approval of the “City of Yes for Economic Opportunity” proposal.

This set of citywide zoning changes is designed to stimulate economic recovery, support business growth, and create a more inclusive economy in New York City. This initiative marks the second of three major zoning reform efforts by the Adams administration, following the “City of Yes for Carbon Neutrality” and preceding the upcoming “City of Yes for Housing Opportunity.”

Mayor Adams stated, “With the approval of ‘City of Yes for Economic Opportunity,’ we are modernizing our zoning code to support sustainable job growth, help businesses expand, and fill vacant storefronts. This initiative will drive long-term economic growth across all five boroughs.”

Deputy Mayor Maria Torres-Springer emphasized the significance of updating outdated zoning regulations from 1961 to meet the current needs of New York City. She credited the City Council for their partnership in implementing these changes.

The proposal received widespread support from various city officials and organizations, highlighting its potential to foster vibrant commercial corridors, support small businesses, and create new economic opportunities. Andrew Kimball, President and CEO of the New York City Economic Development Corporation, praised the zoning changes for their potential to drive economic growth and revitalization.

Jeffrey Garcia, Executive Director of the Office of Nightlife, highlighted the proposal’s role in repealing outdated Cabaret Laws, thereby enhancing nightlife in the city. Qiana Mickie, Executive Director of the Mayor’s Office of Urban Agriculture, noted the positive impact on urban agriculture and food equity.

Jimmy Oddo, Commissioner of the New York City Department of Buildings, and Lisa Bova-Hiatt, CEO of the New York City Housing Authority, also expressed support, emphasizing the proposal’s potential to fill empty storefronts and encourage entrepreneurship among NYCHA residents.

B.J. Jones, Executive Director of “New” New York, praised the reform for eliminating arcane business restrictions, while Lindsay Greene, CEO of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, highlighted its importance for inclusive economic development.

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