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NYC: Upper West Side residents clash over renovated park access

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A fierce battle over playground access has erupted on the Upper West Side, where residents of the Stephen Wise Towers housing project are pushing back against families from private schools, including the elite Trinity School, from using their newly renovated playground.

The conflict centers around a playground on West 90th Street between Amsterdam and Columbus Avenues. Following its renovation, the playground has attracted increased attention from local families, intensifying the dispute.

“Once they redid the playground, everybody and their mamas started coming,” said Cheryl Russell, 62, who has lived in the Stephen Wise Towers for 13 years.

The tension reflects broader issues of neighborhood dynamics and public space use, as NYCHA residents and private school families vie for access to the revamped recreational area.

The situation underscores the complex social fabric of the Upper West Side and the ongoing challenges of balancing community resources.

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