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A Bronx Mother and Her 14 Year Old Son Found Murdered

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On 2/17/2019 A mother Marisol Ortiz, 51 and her teenage son Alanche Delorbe, 14, and would have turned 15 on Monday.were found dead with blunt force trauma to their heads. The bodies was found just before 4 p.m. at 775 East 185th Street between Southern Blvd. & Prospect Ave.

The boy was 14 years old, and the woman was 51 years old. this may be an incident of domestic violence. Police say the mother was found lying on the floor with severe head trauma. A gym weight was found in close vicinity to her body.

The Medical Examiner has yet to determine the causes of death. Ortiz did not show up to work on Sunday, so a coworker called a family member, who then made the horrifying discovery. Ortiz had a boyfriend, who is being looked at by police.

There was a knife found in the apartment. Investigators are trying to determine if it was used in the murders.

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