December 4, 2022
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Get Out The Vote

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For FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 22nd, 2019



For Immediate Release

Contact: Bukola Shonuga (212) 470.4138




Bronx, NY – United African Coalition, (UNAC) is leading the African Communities in holding a joint press conference on Friday, February 22 at the steps of Yankasa Masjid, calling on the African immigrants’ community in New York City to mobilize, Get Out The Vote and elect Assembly Member Michael Blake for Public Advocate in the Special Election next Tuesday, February 26. 

What: Press Conference to Get Out The Vote for Michael Blake

Who: United African Coalition and African Community Leaders

When: Friday, February 22 at 1:30 pm

Where: 1707 Townsend Avenue, Bronx, NY 10453. 


Michael Blake’s manifesto “Delivering Jobs and Justice for all New Yorkers,” resonates with most African immigrants who struggle daily with finding decent paying jobs, affordable housing and the backlash of the Xenophobic rhetoric that has poisoned the American political air in recent times. Addressing thecongregation at a prayer service held at Futa Masjid last Sunday, Assemblyman Blake said “You should be able to pray in your masjid same way I pray in my church without anyone interrupting you. You should be able to walk in your community with safety and security knowing that no one will disrupt you.”


United African Coalition was the first African organization to endorse Michael Blake’s bid for Public Advocate and also supported him when he ran for the State Assembly. UNAC’s recent past endorsements include New York Attorney General Letitia James and Assembly Member Charles Fall representative of the North Shore on Staten Island. Fall is the first generation American son of Guinean immigrants. 


Sheikh Musa Drammeh, a Gambian immigrant, co-founder of United African Coalition and an ardent advocate for social-economic justice for all immigrants stated in a phone interview that “After going through the political and professional backgrounds of all candidates vying for New York City Public Advocate, Michael Blake is unquestionably the most uniquely qualified leader to represent the diverse constituent needs of the Big Apple.”  


Charles Cooper, a former City Council contender, a Liberian-American and current Chairman of United African Coalition said, “Blake has stood with the African community through crisis as severe as the Ebola epidemic, he’s an advocate we know is responsible, trustworthy, and will continue to fight for the community.”


The African Advisory Council President, Muhammed Mardah, also a former President of Yankassa Association, representing the largest group of Ghanaians in New York, stated, “I support Michael Blake for Public Advocate because he has championed the cause of our community and I believe that he would continue to support the African community in New York City.” 

“My community supports Michael Blake for Public Advocate for Better Education, Affordable Housing and the Empowerment of the African community,” said Amadou Diallo a prominent member of the Futa Community in New York City and an advocate for immigrants’ rights. 


Dr. Bola Omotosho’s run for City Council in 2013 ignited the birth of United African Coalition. He was the first African immigrant candidate endorsed and fully supported by UNAC. Dr. Omotosho said “Michael is the man for the Public Advocate job.” That, “With his passion, experience and fairness, it is my belief that he will serve the people of this great city well,” he added. 


United African Coalition is a political institution founded in 2013 to fill the void in cohesive representation of the African immigrants’ community in New York City. UNAC’s move to forge an alliance with other organizations to Get Out The Vote and elect Michael Blake for Public Advocate next Tuesday, February 26 is a significant step in unifying the African immigrants’ community’s voice and representation in electoral politics in New York City and the United States.


For further information, contact Bukola Shonuga, UNAC’s Communications Director at (212) 470-4138 or email Visit



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