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United Muslims of America Interfaith Alliance

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UMA Interfaith Alliance work focuses on common values between America and Muslim world.  American Constitution is built on the following key principles:


1)  Pluralism   2) Democracy 3) Freedom of Religion   4) Secular Governance.


Pluralism in The Quran:

“To you WE have given the scripture, just as WE have given the scriptures to people before you (Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, etc).  WE have protected your scripture (Quran) in its entirety.  So judge among people from what knowledge has come to you and do not be carried over by their vain desires. To each among you, WE have prescribed the Law and an Open Way.  If God had willed, all humanity would have been of one single community. So strive, as in a race in all virtues.  The goal of all the people is to God.  God (alone) will tell you the truth in matters of which you dispute.”  Quran 5:48 

Democracy in the Quran:

“Conduct affairs through (shurah) mutual consultation.”  Quran 42:38

Freedom of Religion:  

“Let there be no Compulsion in Religion,” states the Quran in 2:256.  And with this the US Congress agrees when it says, “Congress shall not pass any law establishing any religion nor shall they pass law prohibiting the exercise of any.”

Secular Governance:

In all sincerity when Pluralism, Democracy and Freedom of Religion is practised.    Secular Governance is the most judicious outcome for Global community.

Our Mission: United Muslims of America Interfaith Alliance promotes understanding and cooperation among world religions through interfaith dialogue, thereby creating racial and religious harmony and encouraging faith based communities to get involved locally, nationally and globally for the good of all people and help bring healing and spiritual reconstruction.

In God we Trust

Iftekhar Hai, President, UMA Interfaith Alliance   www.umaia.net


A Tax Exempt and Non-Profit Organization Federal ID #20-1448118

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