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Somaliland commemorates 28th independence anniversary, Kenya, Uganda call for recognition

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HARGEISA, May 18 – Citizens and residents of Somaliland have today commemorated the 28th independence anniversary of the country for the first time with representatives of the government of Uganda, Kenya and Djibouti.

While addressing the nation at commemoration ground in Hargeisa, President Muse Bihi Abdi promised that he would ensure that the labor of the country’s past heroes does not go in vein. He then implored the international community to grant Somaliland its due recognition as the country has proven beyond doubt, for the past 28 years, that it is a sovereign state that has no interest in reuniting with the failed state Somalia.

‘Contrary to what the world can say about Somaliland, Somalia is a failed state and we are not ready to reunite again with the failed nation,’ said President Bihi.  

‘On behalf of Somalilanders (home and abroad), I sincerely thank those who have been with us in this time of trial. We shall sail through together. We are ready to co-operate and strengthen our diplomatic ties and bilateral relations most especially with regional governments of Uganda and Kenya respectively, and any other governments interested in working with us to achieve common national, regional and international developmental goals,’ he added.   

The Director of Hargeisa Cultural Centre, Dr. Jama Musse Jama in his opening remark at a gathering of foreign delegates implored fact finders, most especially foreign government delegates from Uganda, Kenya and Djibouti, and men and women of the press from different parts of the world, to take their time to gather everything they have seen about Somaliland and report them without any adulteration. He further asked them to support Somaliland in clamouring for her recognition by the international community.

You came to celebrate with us for our National Day. We welcome you, and we ask you to open your eyes, to see who we are and what we want to ask the world in a peaceful manner. When you go back to your country, tell what you have seen and take our message to your people,’ said Dr. Jama.

Having spent about four days on fact findings, both Kenyan and Ugandan Members of Parliament teams unanimously concluded that the recognition of Somaliland among international communities is long overdue. They observed that all the three arms of government are in proper operation, so there is no single reason why Somaliland should not be recognised.

‘We have witness today the true demonstration of a serious independent state. We shall go back home to work toward the international recognition of Somaliland. And by the time we come next year, the whole world shall witness complete recognition of Somaliland by international communities,’ said Ugandan MP Komakech Lyandro.

‘I join about four million Somalilanders today to mark the country’s 28th year of independence with uninterrupted peace, and harmony plus smooth and bloodless democratic transitions. I’ve been here for almost three years, and I’ve never for once experienced any act of violence in this country. People here are generally caring and accommodating. Indeed, there is no doubt that Somaliland is the most peaceful country in East Africa,’ said Syeda Faiza Bukhari, a Pakistani educationist.

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