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Talk about pioneering underdog with guts

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Queens, New York (08/27/2019) – Mrs. Mary Jobaida, an immigrant, wife, mother, Muslim, woman, minority, and a proud Hijab-wearing underdog has thrown her brave and strong community organizing slim body into the Queens political ring against one of the most tightly controlled county machines in the nation, the Queens Democratic County Committee. 

Mrs. Jobaida’s natural friendliness transcends race, gender, nationality, culture and religion. Her neighborliness has earned her friends and admirers near and far. She is a bridge builder who embraces diversity and sees all humans as one big family.  Because of her open-mindedness and friendly attitude towards all, she is loved by those who come in contact with her. In addition to being an active community organizer with a full time employment, she is above all a dutiful wife and fulltime mother.

Mrs. Jobaida is running for Queens Assembly District 37, a seat whose current incumbent held the same position for the last 34 years. “When state Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan was first sent to Albany representing western Queens in 1984, she was one of the youngest woman ever elected in New York. Thirty-five years later, as she mulls another re-election campaign, Nolan already has a primary challenger. Mary Jobaida, a Bangladeshi-American “very happily married mother of three,” filed to run in the 2020 NY State Assembly race this week, citing the need for a diverse, truly democratic election in her district.” Exerpts from qns.com

While my opening attributes describing Mrs. Jobaida can be a formidable challenge to overcome by an ordinary candidate, I believe they are contributing forces that compliment Mary’s ‘can do’ spirit. So do not dare to count her out because she is in to the finishing line. 

Mary’s friends and supporters had converged into the Queens Palace Hall to attend her first campaign fundraising that was organized by Bangladeshi American Musicians.  Many community leaders spoke in support of her candidacy and expressed their commitments to be with her until the victory celebration night.  

During her inspiring speech, she spoke about her background, experience and her commitment to bring needed changes in her district if elected. 

Mary Jobaida is one of a few aspiring candidates who would represent the fast growing yet under represented Muslim New Yorkers. I am the most scared of needles. But knowing the fact that out hospitals run low on blood bank during the Summer time helps me gain some strength. The Blood Drive is open until 4 @1070 Southern Blvd. if you’re eligible, and have some time today, please stop by to donate some blood. It can save up to three lives!

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