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Councilmember Levine calls on Chipotle Restaurant owner to quarantine Covid-19 infected employees with full pay

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New York City Councilmember Mark Levine has demanded that Chipotle Restaurant should send all of its employees at the Bronx outlet on E260 and 161st that were exposed to COVID-19, on quarantine and meet all the expenses.

Addressing the workers virtually, Councilman Levine told the workers that they would have to be paid during the quarantine.

"The fact that so many of you spent hours in the presence of someone who is known to have tested positive for the Coronavirus is indefensible and is a clear violation of the health standards that have been set forth by the New York City department of health in this pandemic. Period! All of you now are going to be required to quarantine and it better be at the company's expense or we will go to war on this point," said Councilman Levine who represents the 7th District in Northern Manhattan and also serves as the chair of council committee on health.

Councilman Levine said the workers at Chipotle should never have been put in the situation they found themselves in.

"My heart breaks for all of you. You should never have been put in this position and I know many of you probably live with loved ones at home and are concerned about them as well. We will make sure that all of you talk to experts in our contact tracing team to make sure that your families get every provision that you need. This is all on Chipotle. You must be paid for sick leave during this time and receive all the support from the company that you're entitled to. It is unacceptable for Chipotle to continue to ignore worker health. It has to stop. We are here with you as long as it takes to make sure that this company that has been reckless in this pandemic is held accountable once and for all," concluded Councilman Levine.

Chipotle workers at E260 161 street in the Bronx's Melrose section on Tuesday last week walked off their jobs because they felt unsafe when the restaurant kept the store open despite a positive COVID-19 test among staff.

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