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Julia Qing Reaves, a 19 year old bisexual Chinese American immigrant, who exclusively revealed to Parkchester Times that she was running for New York City mayor in 2021, has dropped out of the race.

Reaves did not elaborate further on her decision but simply posted on her LinkedIn page the following message,"It has been such an honor to have had the opportunity to run for Mayor. 

Due to personal reasons, I am unable to continue forward with my campaign. With that being said, I want to thank everyone who supported me in this endeavor and I look forward to seeing what the future brings."

In an interview with Parkchester Times in October, Reaves said she was prompted to stand as a mayoral candidate because “My generation is in a dangerous place right now, what with global warming, COVID, George Floyd’s murder and so much more. Our futures, the economy we thought we were stepping into, the colleges we were about to enter, the lives we were just beginning to build, have all been decimated. The usual political suspects are fighting over positions rather than solutions. We need policies that work, and we need them now.”

“Our issues are not being addressed; we are not being heard. Government is ignoring the very real issues we are facing. The people we have put in office are terrible communicators who are not transparent in their objectives or plans,” said Reaves, who was adopted at 10 months old by former directors of Gertrude Stein Theater, John and Cheryl Reaves.

Reaves said that Generation Z is tired of being relegated the bench; they too want to be engaged and present in key conversations.

“That is why people of my age group will be very much present in my campaign. They will be at the forefront which is very exciting because it has rarely been done. We are looking for integrity. 

"We are looking for real world solutions to the issues our families are facing. We are also looking at the generation that comes after us, Generation Alpha, and how best we can protect them. 

"They are the future, we are the future, therefore we must prioritize solutions,” she said.

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