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Taxi and for-hire-vehicle drivers need to be among the first to receive the vaccine, Councilman Cabrera says


Councilmember Fernando Cabrera has said New York City's taxi and for-hire-vehicle drivers to be recognized as essential, front line workers and be among the first to receive COVID-19 vaccine.

Councilman Cabrera who is also majority whip in the council, said the taxi and for-hire-vehicle drivers play an important role throughout the city especially in outer boroughs. 

“Our drivers are taking people to the hospital, taking people to get tested, providing essential transportation for people who are not able to use public transit or are afraid to because of the coronavirus.  Our drivers jumped into action as the city ramped up free food distribution and delivered food to senior citizens and others unable to leave their homes. 

"Our drivers have already been devastated financially by the medallion crisis but they never fail to show up when we need them.  Taxi and for-hire-vehicle drivers need to be among the first to receive the vaccine- they deserve this consideration and people are depending on them. Drivers have suffered enough.  Let’s put them in the first group to receive the vaccine," said councilman Cabrera in a statement.

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