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Over 42% of COVID doses administered in NYC

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Moses Kuwema 

New York City is vaccinating at over double the national average with over 42 percent of the COVID-19 doses having been administered in the City.

The national average of COVID-19 vaccinations stands at 19 percent.
With the City's vaccination effort now underway, Mayor de Blasio on Monday launched the vaccine command center nyc.gov/vaccinecommandcenter website to track the city's progress in administering the vaccine in real-time.

"Hope is on the horizon in New York City," said Mayor de Blasio.

"We are moving full steam ahead to get out healthcare workers and nursing homes the vaccines they need to win the battle against the virus once and for all."

And New York City health commissioner Dr Dave Chokshi said, "We are still early in the process but these figures reflect the depth of preparation by our healthcare system and public health professionals.

The healthcare workers who receive this vaccine have demonstrated so much heroism and this vaccine will give them a layer of protection as they fight for our health in the year ahead." 

As of Monday, 18,105 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered in New York City out of the 42,900 doses distributed to healthcare workers and nursing homes.
Comparatively, only 556,208 of the 2,838,225 total doses distributed nationwide have been administered.

To add to New York City's existing supply, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has also now authorized the Moderna vaccine and it will be shipped to New York City in the coming days.

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