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Individuals exposed to COVID-19 can end their quarantine after 10 days without a testing requirement, NYS Governor announces

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Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Tuesday the updated quarantine guidelines for New York which are consistent with the latest Centers for Disease Control guidance. 

Under the new guidelines, individuals exposed to COVID-19 can end their quarantine after 10 days without a testing requirement as long as no symptoms have been reported during the quarantine period.

After day 10 is reached, individuals must continue monitoring for symptoms through day 14 and if any develop, they should immediately self-isolate and contact the local health department or their healthcare provider to report this change and determine if they should seek testing. 

Individuals should continue strict adherence to all recommended safe behaviors to stop the spread – wearing masks, socially distancing and avoiding gatherings.

"As we approach the New Year and the end of the holiday season, all New Yorkers must remember one simple truth – celebrating smart stops shutdowns," Governor Cuomo said. "While the holidays have always been synonymous with socialization, the data shows vast majority of new cases are stemming from private gatherings. I understand not being able to join together with loved ones makes an already trying year, more difficult, but it also means we control our own destiny. New York is leading the nation in quickly and efficiently administering the vaccine, so if we can continue that progress and the rest of us keep making smart decisions like avoiding gatherings, socially distancing and wearing masks, we will finally reach the light at the end of the tunnel." 

And 124 New Yorkers died from COVID-19 on Monday. A 160,164 test results were reported and a total of 11,438 tested positive, representing a 7.14 percent statewide positivity rate.

The number of patients hospitalized stood at 7,814 (+255), while the figure of patients newly admitted stood at 788 and those in ICU was 1,224 (+2). The number of ICU with intubation was 711 (-6), while the total discharges was 100,442 (+434).

In New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio said the indicators were a little unusual as a result of different patterns of testing because of the holidays. 

"So, the numbers – got a caution from the Department of Health, we should take these numbers with a grain of salt, because they don't necessarily reflect the same trends as when we see more regular testing. But let me go over the numbers," Mayor de Blasio said during a briefing Tuesday. "Number one, daily number of people admitted to New York City hospitals for suspected COVID-19 – today's report, 182 patients. Again, we want to be under 200, so I'm glad it's under 200. I want to drive that number down a lot. And here's another reason why – hospitalization rate per 100,000 people, 3.93 percent. Very much too high, we want to get that under two. Number two, daily number of cases for COVID-19 on the seven-day average – today's number, 3,390 – very high number. We want to get under 550 – obviously, a long way to go to bring that back. And number three, current testing indicator and seven-day rolling average, again, affected by the unusual testing patterns last few days, but 7.45 percent is the number. The goal is to get back under five percent and go lower again." 

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