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Darlene Jackson, candidate for 18th Council District, calls for passage of small business jobs survival act

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By Robert Press

Under the Westchester Avenue el Darlene Jackson Community Board 9 member and candidate for City Council District 18 held a well-attended press conference to push the Small Business Jobs Survival Act and the Lift the Caps Intros in the city council which candidate Jackson said the Small Business Survival Act had gone nowhere in ten years, because council members are being paid off by big real estate.

Candidate Jackson was joined by about ten people who were holding up various signs to support the two intros to the council. When asked what she would do if elected next year, candidate Jackson said that she would push to get the two intros passed. 

However, should candidate Jackson be elected, the two intros would have to be reintroduced to the next City Council which would take office January 1, 2022. 

This is because all legislation from the outgoing council goes with the council members, with the new council starting from Bill.

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