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NYS runs out of COVID-19 vaccine allocation — Cuomo

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Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Friday that the state has run out of its allocation for the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Speaking during his daily briefing, Governor Cuomo also said additional cases of the UK variant had been recorded in Westchester and Kings Counties, bringing the total cases in the state to 25. 

"We run out of allocation today. The week one to five allocation will be exhausted by the end of the day Friday, it may already be exhausted, frankly, midday on Friday and we now going week to week on the next week's allocation. We have 28,000 dosages left in the state from week one to five," Governor Cuomo said. 

"If you add up all the dosages that are not in arms in the state, it's 28,000. The problem is we administer about 80,000 dosages per day, right, so 20,000 does not get you through the day when you're doing 80,000 dosages per day. We will, by the end of today, fully utilized all of the dosages that have been delivered. Week six dosages are being delivered as we speak."

Governor Cuomo said hospital capacity was still the state's top priority which he said was going to come down to how many hospital staff would get sick.

"That is what is going to happen. Much of what has happened since the first onset has not been a surprise. I feel like I'm standing on the beach and you see in the distance a large wave building and we're standing on the beach and the wave is building and the wave is getting closer," Governor Cuomo said. 

"Don't be there when the wave hits. The UK strain is here. The UK strain is spreading. We still are only at 67 percent vaccination rate of our hospital workers.

"This is a problem. We're supposed to be at 70-90 percent for herd immunity and the hospital workers are the people that if they get sick, the hospital capacity would collapse.

"The hospital capacity collapses, we have to close the economy. We're working very hard on this message and we're working very hard to get the hospitals to get their staff vaccinated."

And Governor Cuomo said public safety was a crisis in the state and the nation.

"The lack of trust between police and the community is worse than anything I've seen in my lifetime. The feelings are very high. Police feel victimized, they feel terrorized, they feel that the community disrespects them, they feel that they're the scapegoat, they feel that they can't do their job, and if they can't do their job, they're not going to try. 

"Members of the community feel that they've been victimized and they've been terrorized. Our great Attorney General just did a report on the New York City Police Department that fines basically that the police have been using unfair tactics against protesters for a very long time, tactics that were supposedly no longer in place. This relationship has to be fixed and it's not going to fix itself."

And Governor Cuomo said 8,846 patient hospitalizations were recorded statewide, with 1,546 patients in the ICU and 992 intubated representing a statewide positivity rate of 
5.65 percent.

165 COVID-19 deaths were recorded in New York State Thursday.
New York City on the other hand recorded 3,484 new cases of COVID-19 and 253 new hospitalizations which represented a 9.03 percent positivity rate during a seven-day average.

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