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UNICEF reiterates commitment to girl child education

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The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) has reiterated its commitment to girl child education.

According to a recent report from UNICEF, investing in girls’ education is essential for transforming communities and countries, and for building a better future for everyone.

The report establishes that girls who receive an education are more likely to lead healthy, productive lives, earn higher incomes, and participate in decision-making that affects them.

Additionally, investing in girls’ education contributes to more stable, resilient societies, reduces inequality, and strengthens economies.

Despite the benefits of girls’ education, gender disparities in education persist, with 129 million girls out of school worldwide. Barriers to girls’ education vary among countries and communities and include poverty, child marriage, and gender-based violence.

UNICEF works with communities, governments, and partners to remove these barriers and promote gender equality in education, including tackling discriminatory gender norms, supporting gender-responsive policies, and promoting social protection measures.

Investing in girls’ secondary education, according to UNICEF, is one of the most transformative development strategies, and efforts must be made to ensure that all girls complete pre-primary and primary education.

Gender-equitable education systems empower girls and boys, promote life skills development, and contribute to reductions in school-related gender-based violence and harmful practices.

Removing gender stereotypes from learning materials, addressing distance-related barriers to education, and improving menstrual hygiene management in schools are also important steps towards achieving gender equality in education, UNICEF added.

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