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Britain new monarch crowned at London Westminster Abbey

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Britain’s new monarch, King Charles III, was crowned in a ceremony of grandeur and pageantry at London’s Westminster Abbey on Saturday.

The historic event was attended by around 100 world leaders and broadcast to millions of viewers worldwide.

The Archbishop of Canterbury placed the 360-year-old St Edward’s Crown on the king’s head as he sat on a 14th-century throne, with his second wife Camilla due to be crowned queen during the two-hour ceremony.

The event aimed to present a modern monarchy, with those involved reflecting a more diverse Britain and leaders from all faiths.

However, despite the spectacle, the coronation took place amid a cost of living crisis and public skepticism about the relevance of the monarchy, particularly among the young.

There were also anti-monarchy protests at the event. Nonetheless, the coronation was seen by some as a vital diplomatic tool for Britain and a means of staying on the world stage.

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