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Michigan’s Supreme Court declines bid to remove Trump from 2024 ballot

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Michigan’s Supreme Court has opted not to entertain a well-founded attempt to exclude Donald Trump from the state’s 2024 ballot, citing procedural reasons.

The legal maneuver, grounded in the Constitution’s “insurrectionist ban,” sought to replicate Colorado’s precedent in keeping Trump off the ballot.

This decision, which lacks a signed order and an official vote count, leaves the fate of Trump’s candidacy uncertain.

Notably, the court’s rejection hinged solely on procedural grounds, refraining from addressing the pivotal questions of whether the events of January 6th constituted an insurrection and Trump’s personal responsibility.

While some argue that this non-committal stance sidesteps crucial issues, others view it as an opportunity to renew efforts during the general election.

The rejection, however, raises concerns about the court’s avoidance of addressing the gravity of January 6th and Trump’s role in it.

Despite the setback, advocates remain resilient, emphasizing the need to persist in the fight for democracy.

The rejection is seen by some as a missed opportunity to hold Trump accountable for actions deemed traitorous, fueling the ongoing debate over whether he belongs in prison or the White House.

As the legal battle continues, the repercussions of Michigan’s Supreme Court decision resonate nationally, sparking discussions about the intersection of procedural concerns and the broader implications for American democracy.

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