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McCarthy suggests impeachment inquiry against Biden

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House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has suggested the possibility of initiating an impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden based on unproven allegations of financial misconduct.

McCarthy’s statement comes amid mounting pressure from the Republican Party to demonstrate support for former President Donald Trump in preparation for the 2024 presidential election.

During an appearance on Fox News, McCarthy highlighted the concerns raised by House Republicans regarding the Biden family’s financial matters and stressed the need for a thorough investigation.

He acknowledged that “previous House probes have not yielded any evidence of wrongdoing but emphasised that an impeachment inquiry would grant Congress the power to obtain additional information and knowledge.”

If the House were to launch an impeachment inquiry, it would mark the initial step toward potentially bringing articles of impeachment against President Biden.

The duration of such a probe would be at the discretion of the House, possibly extending into the campaign season.

McCarthy’s remarks on Fox News were not casual banter but appeared to be a deliberate statement.

He has not yet endorsed any candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, including the early frontrunner, Donald Trump.

McCarthy has also denied rumors of attempting “to expunge Trump’s two impeachments as a way of demonstrating support for the former president.”

The White House responded to McCarthy’s remarks through spokesperson Ian Sams, accusing House Republicans of pursuing impeachment without regard for the truth, while ignoring critical issues such as inflation and job creation.

In recent times, Republicans in Congress have intensified investigations into President Biden and his son Hunter Biden, with a particular focus on their financial dealings.

These investigations have centered on payments Hunter Biden received from Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company that was implicated in the first impeachment of President Trump.

Hunter Biden has already agreed to plead guilty to misdemeanor charges of failing to pay income taxes for several years. However, Republicans continue to pursue unfounded claims regarding Burisma’s alleged attempts to pay the Bidens for their assistance in ousting a Ukrainian prosecutor, an assertion that lacks sufficient evidence.

The Justice Department previously reviewed claims from an anonymous FBI informant regarding Burisma’s actions but found insufficient evidence of wrongdoing. Nevertheless, Republican Senator Chuck Grassley released the FBI informant’s claims publicly, calling for further investigation, a move countered by Democrats on the Oversight panel, who issued a rebuttal memo discrediting the allegations.

The Democratic National Committee’s chairman, Jaime Harrison, accused Kevin McCarthy of essentially acting as an extension of Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign and suggested that Trump is effectively controlling the House majority.

This, according to Harrison, is yet another political ploy designed to support Trump’s interests.

It is worth noting that President Trump faced two impeachment proceedings during his time in office, one related to his interactions with Ukraine and the other stemming from the January 6, 2021 attack on the Capitol.

Both impeachment attempts resulted in acquittal by the Senate.

Sources: AP/PT

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