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3-year-old child dies on migrant bus in Illinois

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A 3-year-old child, a passenger on a migrant bus journeying from Texas to Chicago, has died while in transit through Illinois.

Officials confirmed the unfortunate event on Friday.

This incident marks the first reported death associated with Texas’ Operation Lone Star, a venture launched under the administration of Governor Greg Abbott.

This initiative, which commenced last year, aims to transport numerous migrants to various destinations, including prominent cities such as Washington, New York, Philadelphia, Denver, and Los Angeles.

The circumstances leading to the child’s demise unfolded during a bus journey that originated in Brownsville, Texas.

According to statements from the Texas Department of Emergency Management, the child displayed evident “health concerns during the trip, prompting the bus to make an unscheduled stop.”

Emergency services were contacted via a 911 call.

“Upon arriving at the scene, paramedics administered medical attention to the child, who was later transferred to a medical facility,” the report unveiled.

Regrettably, despite the efforts of medical personnel, the child’s life could not be saved, as reported by Texas’ emergency management agency.

In accordance with protocols established by the agency, all passengers on board the bus underwent health screenings, including temperature assessments and inquiries regarding any preexisting medical conditions, prior to boarding the vehicle.

Authorities in Texas have refrained from disclosing the child’s origin or the specific cause of their illness.

The Illinois Department of Public Health, on the other hand, confirmed that the child passed away on Thursday in Marion County.

This county is situated approximately 130 miles north of the southern border of Illinois with Missouri.

Responding to the tragedy, the Illinois health department has launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the child’s untimely death.

Spokesperson Mike Claffey emphasized the collaboration between local health officials, state law enforcement agencies, and federal authorities in the pursuit of comprehensive answers regarding this distressing incident.

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