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Maui no longer place for vacation — Jason Momoa

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Amidst the somber backdrop of the tragic Maui wildfires, which have claimed the lives of 80 individuals, actor Jason Momoa, renowned for his role in “Aquaman,” has issued a heartfelt plea for tourists to refrain from visiting the embattled Hawaiian island.

In an impassioned message posted on his official Instagram page the Honolulu native conveyed a stark message of caution against embarking on trips to Maui during this tumultuous period of devastation and disruption.

“Maui is not the suitable destination for a vacation at this juncture,” Momoa articulated solemnly on his Instagram platform.

“I urge you not to venture to Maui at this time.” With an earnest and compassionate tone, he urged individuals not to underestimate the gravity of the ongoing crisis faced by the island, imploring for donations to support the affected community and urging travelers to reconsider their travel plans.

Expressing his gratitude to those who had already contributed to relief efforts, Momoa’s message bore the weight of a community in dire need.

The actor supplemented his written appeal with a series of explanatory video clips, wherein he called upon non-residents of Maui to abstain from visiting unless their purpose was centered around providing essential assistance.

His guidance extended to the prudent conservation of flights and lodging accommodations for those displaced by the tragedy.

Jason Momoa’s impassioned appeal has emerged against the backdrop of efforts by airlines to facilitate the evacuation of residents, as the beleaguered island grapples with the aftermath of the firestorm.

Airlines have initiated additional flights and reduced fares to enable expeditious departures for those seeking refuge from the disaster-stricken locale.

This surge in transportation adjustments highlights the urgency of the situation at hand.

The gravity of the situation has also led the Hawaii State Department of Transportation to advocate against nonessential tourism, a stance that resonates with the broader sentiment of unity and support for the community in distress.

CNN reports that even official channels are emphasizing the importance of heeding these advisories.

Notably, Jason Momoa, celebrated for his role in “Game of Thrones,” has taken on an active role in advocating for Maui’s relief and recovery efforts.

His poignant words bear witness to the heartache suffered by the town of Lahaina, which was razed to the ground on Friday, leaving a trail of devastated homes and lost lives in its wake.

Momoa’s impassioned plea, deeply rooted in empathy and concern, serves as a rallying cry for compassion and solidarity during this time of immense hardship.

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