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By Michael Laitman

If we undergo an introspection that aims at bettering our connection to each other in an integral manner, then there is indeed great benefit to introspection.

For instance, if we think to ourselves, ”When will we be able to care about all people in the world as we care about our close-knit family?” then such an introspection brings us closer to balance with nature’s integral laws.

It does not mean that we think about everyone having the exact same amounts of money and assets. We cannot make it so that each person would have, say, a thousand dollars and be done with our scrutiny. Instead, we need to account for each person’s demands, needs and states.

We need to care about the whole world similarly to how a well-functioning family discusses how to allocate its resources to each of its members according to their respective demands, needs and states. If we care for humanity in such a way, then there would be no room for all kinds of crises and disasters that we receive from nature in order to wake us up to our globally-integral connection.

It might sound like a socio-economic approach that is out of a common person’s reach. That is, how could a single person possibly affect the way each and every person receives a budget and supplies for their lives? But it is much more than that: it is an integral form of introspection that has to run constantly within the general system we live in.

We are all members of humanity, and humanity must constantly introspect about itself like we do in our families. If we expand the ongoing care we have for our families’ demands, needs and states to the level of humanity as a whole, then we will start discovering our much deeper connection “as one man with one heart,” i.e., as a common integral system. Moreover, through such an ongoing introspection that increases our care for humanity, we will draw the positive force that dwells in nature into our connections—a force that has the power to lead our lives into a state of complete harmony, balance and peace.

Our hearts, i.e., our desires, are currently very small. We are born with self-serving desires, and we grow up thinking that our egoistic mode of enjoying for our own personal benefit at the expense of others is all that we have in life.

But there is a way to expand our hearts, i.e., our desires, to include everyone within.

For the time being, we mostly feel only our own needs and those of our families, and we cannot relate to others’ needs as we do to our own. But if we create support systems to conduct an introspection of how to increase care throughout human society, which will lead us to a harmonious connection, then we will draw ourselves closer to a much more complete form of connection that is in balance with nature’s integral laws.

We will then experience nature as friendly and warm, because we would then enter into a certain level of congruence with nature, as a single interconnected, interdependent and integral system.

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