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Alleged Molestation: 5-year-old’s Queens mother shares disturbing details in court

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In a harrowing turn of events, a Queens mother whose five-year-old daughter was allegedly molested by a 75-year-old man named Franz Vila recounted the unsettling experiences in a recent court appearance.

The incident, which has shocked the local community, has raised questions about the safety of the young girl and the actions of the accused individual.

The mother vividly recalled her initial encounters with Vila, describing how he showered her daughter with attention after their chance meeting on a spring day near their Queens apartment.

What began as a seemingly innocuous exchange took a troubling turn as Vila reportedly visited the victim’s home on two separate occasions at the mother’s invitation.

A particularly disturbing episode came to light as the mother recounted discovering Vila in the shower with her young daughter.

She shared that “he had asked the child to remove her clothes, prompting the mother’s immediate intervention.”

Vila’s request, coupled with his insistence that the child wear dresses and shorts without underwear due to the heat, left the mother deeply concerned about his intentions.

The father of the young girl sought custody during a recent Queens Family Court hearing, a decision that was granted amidst the mother’s legal proceedings related to the alleged molestation of her daughter.

The court’s focus now shifts to determining the extent of abuse and neglect suffered by the child, as well as the subsequent measures required to ensure her well-being.

An insider from child welfare sources revealed that “the judge presiding over the case will assess the severity of the abuse suffered by the child and make decisions regarding appropriate social services and visitation arrangements.”

Presently, the mother is limited to supervised visits with her daughter, under a temporary order of protection.

In light of the distressing circumstances, the City Administration for Children’s Services has stepped in to oversee the father’s care of the child.

As the legal proceedings unfold, both sides are expected to reconvene in court next Tuesday to address the alarming incident that has sent shockwaves through the community.

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