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Atlanta high school coach arrested for striking player in stomach

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A high school football coach in the United States has been taken into custody following a disturbing incident captured in photos, where he was seen physically striking a player in the stomach during a game in Atlanta.

The coach, who remains unnamed and was employed by Mays High School, allegedly punched the player on a Saturday afternoon at the Eddie S. Henderson Stadium, situated within the premises of Midtown High School in Atlanta, United States.

As reported by the Daily Mail on Sunday, the incident took place on the sidelines of the game.

In the video footage, the coach can be seen aggressively berating the player before delivering a punch to the stomach, causing the player to double over in pain.

Officials from Atlanta Public Schools have disclosed that the individuals involved were identified as a ‘lay coach’ and a coaching assistant, neither of whom engage in classroom instruction or possess professional certification.

However, they are required to complete a training program under the Georgia High School Association (GHSA). In light of the incident, both individuals have been apprehended.

Seth Coleman, the Director of APS Media Relations, issued a statement saying, “A lay coach affiliated with Mays High School, who does not engage in classroom instruction, is currently in police custody following an incident on the sideline during the school’s game this afternoon against Douglas County High School. Video footage from the live broadcast of the game seemingly depicts the lay coach physically assaulting a player.

“The adult in question will also face administrative charges from the district.”

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