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Tragic death of Uber Eats worker in New York prompts investigation

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In a solemn statement delivered amidst a somber gathering in Kingsbridge Heights on Saturday, Hawk Newsome, co-founder of Black Lives Matter Greater NY, addressed a concerned crowd about the tragic demise of a father of three, Duprey.

The incident, which took place earlier this week, has raised significant questions about the actions of a veteran NYPD officer and has prompted a multi-agency investigation into the circumstances leading to Duprey’s untimely death.

Duprey, an Uber Eats employee, met a fateful end on Wednesday evening when he found himself at the center of an undercover narcotics operation. As the clock struck 5:30 p.m., Duprey, riding on his moped along Aqueduct Ave, faced an unexpected and fatal encounter.

NYPD Officer Duran, a Bronx narcotics veteran with over a decade of experience, played an unfortunate role in the unfolding tragedy.

According to reports, Surveillance footage captured the heart-wrenching moment as Duran, seemingly without warning, hurled a red and white drink cooler in the direction of Duprey, who was navigating his moped along the sidewalk.

“The violent impact of the cooler caused Duprey to lose control of his vehicle, leading to a devastating collision with a parked car,” reports say.

The aftermath of the incident was marked by a citywide outpouring of grief and questions regarding the appropriateness of Officer Duran’s actions. The city’s Medical Examiner, announcing their findings on Friday, revealed that Duprey, aged 30, had succumbed to blunt force injuries to the head. As per the established protocol, his tragic passing is now the subject of an official inquiry led by the state Attorney General’s office.

Officer Duran, pending the outcome of the investigations, has been suspended from duty without pay. Both the NYPD and the State Attorney General’s office have embarked on separate inquiries to shed light on the circumstances surrounding Duprey’s death.

Further scrutiny into Officer Duran’s record has revealed a history of interaction with the Civilian Complaint Review Board. Notably, a 2021 case resulted in disciplinary action against Duran for an instance of abuse of authority during an unlawful street stop. This incident led to a forfeiture of vacation days for the officer.

Remembered fondly by his community, Duprey was known for his distinctive skills on a moped, often showcasing impressive feats like wheelies with one foot. Hector Miolan, a resident of the neighborhood, described Duprey as a beloved figure, cherished by all who knew him.

As investigations continue, the circumstances of Duprey’s tragic death remain under intense scrutiny, prompting a broader conversation about the need for accountability and justice in the realm of law enforcement.

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