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Bronx families turn to Bible for financial wisdom amid economic uncertainty

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George and Rene Jones, residents of the Bronx, are just one example of families across the world who are turning to the Bible for guidance in managing their finances as they face a mounting stack of bills, increased rent, and soaring grocery prices.

In a world plagued by economic challenges, including inflation, recessions, unemployment, and widespread uncertainty, the Joneses, who are devout Jehovah’s Witnesses, have found solace and financial wisdom in the Scriptures.

George, a member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses community, shares their perspective, stating, “The Bible gives us great advice on how to live a simple life and how to provide for our families, not only materially but more importantly, spiritually.”

One of the key resources that the Joneses use is the organization’s official website, jw.org, where they discover numerous Bible-based articles designed to address the financial challenges of today.

For example, the article titled “How to Live on Less” provides practical tips drawn from the Bible for coping with economic crises.

These tips include accepting one’s changed financial situation, working together as a family, creating a budget, and prioritizing expenses while making necessary changes.

Applying this advice, the Joneses crafted a budget that allowed them to spend more quality time together as a family.

George explained, “Because of the economy, I had to take on more hours at work, often working 28 to 40 hours of overtime. I was burnt out, my time with my family and other activities was limited, and I was constantly rushing back to work.”

Another helpful resource, the article “How to Control Spending” on jw.org, encouraged the Jones family to apply the Bible principle found in Luke 14:28, which emphasizes calculating expenses. Following this guidance, they meticulously listed necessities such as food and clothing, projected a monthly budget for each category, and rigorously stuck to it.

George summarized their approach, saying, “Now I strive to follow the Bible’s advice to ‘make sure of the more important things.”

In a world where economic challenges seem to be the new norm, many families like the Joneses are discovering solace and practical financial guidance in the ancient wisdom of the Bible, turning to its pages for the strength and insight needed to navigate turbulent financial waters.

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