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Republican Congressman George Santos faces expulsion

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In a stunning turn of events, MAGA Congressman George Santos is on the brink of a political and legal abyss as the Republican chairman of the House Ethics Committee, Michael Guest, introduces a resolution to expel him from Congress.

The tumultuous week for Santos reached its peak as the committee released an alarming report, citing “substantial evidence” of his violation of federal criminal laws.

Committee Chair Michael Guest, a fellow Republican, wasted no time, introducing the expulsion resolution less than 24 hours after the release of the damning report.

Guest asserted, “The evidence uncovered… is more than sufficient to warrant punishment, and the most appropriate punishment is expulsion.”

The timing adds another layer of complexity, as the chairman plans to call the expulsion measure to the floor post-Thanksgiving.

This means Santos could potentially face unemployment before the year concludes, marking a historic fall from grace.

If expelled, Santos would carve his name into the annals of American history as only the sixth lawmaker to be removed from the House in such a humiliating fashion. Notably, he would be the first to face expulsion without a prior conviction on criminal charges or accusations of disloyalty to the Union.

Even representatives who previously resisted efforts to expel Santos are now rallying behind the idea following the scathing ethics report.

Democratic Representative Jamie Raskin, expressing a shift in stance, declared, “The report’s findings are extremely damning, and I would vote to expel.”

Likewise, Democratic Representative Jeff Jackson, who once voted against expulsion, emphasized, “Rep. Santos has received his due process. This report is fully damning. I will vote to expel him.”

As the specter of expulsion looms, calls for legal consequences intensify. Many believe that Santos not only deserves expulsion but also prosecution.

Once out of Congress, a chorus rises for the Department of Justice to take decisive action, marking the potential end of Santos’s political career and the beginning of legal scrutiny.

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