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Trump’s second term could spell end of democracy — Cheney issues stark warning

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Republican stalwart Liz Cheney sounded the alarm on what she believes is a looming threat to American democracy: the possibility of a second term for Donald Trump evolving into a perpetual grip on power, morphing the United States into a fascist regime.

Cheney, who has dedicated her life to Republican politics, expressed her deep concerns about Trump’s intentions to remain in office indefinitely.

She asserted, “there’s no question” that Trump will attempt to extend his stay in the White House beyond the constitutional limit if he secures victory in 2024.

During the candid conversation, Cheney bemoaned the transformation of her party, asserting that Trump’s focus on personal power and success has overshadowed the traditional values of the GOP. She labeled the situation as “naive” for American voters to expect the country to endure another tumultuous Trump presidency.

Addressing the potential obstacles to curbing Trump’s ambitions, Cheney cast doubt on the ability of a MAGA-led House under Speaker Mike Johnson to resist the former president’s impulses.

She argued that a significant faction of Republicans, both in the House and Senate, would enable Trump’s authoritarian tendencies rather than act as a check on his power.

When questioned about the possibility of Trump overturning the election results with Johnson as Speaker, Cheney deemed such a scenario “too dangerous to contemplate,” citing a prior “practice run” that had exposed vulnerabilities in the democratic process.

Cheney emphatically stated her refusal to support Trump, vowing to “do whatever it takes” to ensure his defeat in 2024.

She warned voters that a ballot cast for Trump could have severe consequences, asserting, “A vote for Donald Trump may mean the last election that you ever get to vote in. A vote for Donald Trump is a vote against the Constitution.”

As Cheney issues this dire warning, the political landscape remains fraught with uncertainty, and her words serve as a poignant reminder of the delicate balance democracy faces in the upcoming election.

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